Plymouth Road Runner GTX und Satellite 1971 Prospekt


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Plymouth Road Runner 1971 Prospekt
Plymouth GTX 1971 Verkaufsbroschüre
Plymouth Satellite 1971 Reklameschrift

PLYMOUTH CHRYSLER MOTORS CORPORATION, Litho in U.S.A., Coming Through. Form No. 81-505-1023, Grösse: die Breite ist 216 mm und die Höhe ist 276 mm.

While everyone else is busy announcing new cars, we come through with a new idea.
We designed and built our 2-door Satellite hardtop to be a personal 2-door hardtop. Not just a chopped-down version of a 4-door. The result? You get the styling and handling of a specialty car, all for the price of an intermediate one. Our 4-door models received the same specia consideration. They were especially designed to be a 4-door. Not just a stretched out 2-door model. We lenathened the roor and designed in more rear head room. The result. More room and comfort for sedan owners. For 1971, Satellite's coming through with a totally new shape, new fea. tures, new design, new engineering and outstanding new value. The kind you cant aet on any other line f comparably sized or priced cars. Satellite comes through for you.
Coming through with new features.
Two-door hardtop especially designed for the sporty look • Four-door sedans especially designed for family fun •Massive front bumper • Recessed door handles and ventless side glass for the smooth look • Concave grille • All-new total-body styling • High-level ventilation • Totally new interior design • New options: Stereo Tape Cassette System with the ability to record off the radio plus a microphone for dictation • Sun roof • And we're just getting started. The little things that count. We gave all our Satellites a two-inch wider rear track than any 1970 mid. size car. So you d get more stability. Greater comfort. Superior handling We came through with plenty of comfortable room. We designed a car with a smooth uncluttered line. With ventless side glass. Hidden windshield wipers. Curved door glass. Recessed door handles. A simple yet elegant grille that blends with the total design
We came through with new convenience features.
Like keyless door locking. Gauges for an engine-monitoring system instead of warnind lights as on many other cars. Optional lights that warn when fuel is low, and remind you to "fasten seat belts." Optional power windows. An optional Tilt steering wheel that adjusts to you. Carpeting that's color. keyed to the rest of the interior. Lcor bumpers front and rear on two-door models, for extra protection. better looks. That's just a sampling.
Enough choices to satisfy the most finicky dreamer.
We're coming through with sporty Satellites, family-size Satellites, performance Satellites, and beautifully executed combinations of these. you ve been looking for a mid-size car that offers maximum luxury, without a maximum price . . look no further. You can now choose between an ultimate-luxury 2-door haratop (Sebring-Plus) and an ultimate-luxury 4-door sedan Satellite Brougham). We even have a luxury high-pertormance car GTX. And don't forget America's original low-priced highperformance car Road Runner
Engines: A clear choice.
Chrysler engineers have long been leaders in developing cleaner air devices for our engines. This year is no exception. Most of our standard gines are capable now of runnina on regular gas. And you have a wide selection of power reams to choose from. Seven different engines with transmissions engineered to match the power. From the tully-synchronized 3-speed, up to the TorqueFlite automaTIC or all the way to the optional 4. speed synchromesh with Pistol-Grip shifter.
As extensive a list of options as you could want
Choose from over 50 options. Add optional color-keyed bumpers to GTX, Road Runner and Sebring-Plus. Or a special optional light package for all Satellites. It includes tender-mounted turn signals another Chrysler Corporation exclusive plus an ignition light that makes key insertion easy, fumbling in the dark. Coming through. For you. On the following pages you I see how beautifully in-shape our new Satellites are. The engineering, the styling, the valve you're looking for are here. 1971 Satellite coming through for you.
Satellite Sebrina-Plus. Satellite Sebring, Satellite Coupe, Satellite
brougham. Satellite Custom. Satellite Standard Freatures
225 cu. in. Six or 38 cu. in. V-8 • Three speeo runy synchronized manual transmission • All-vinyl interior** (Satellite and Satellite Sebring-Plus only • Color-keved rubber floor coverina Satellite only Front armrest with bright bases 4-doors, exceorocentee rear seat armrest with bright bases and ashtrays 4-doors. except Satellite) Cigar lighter (except Satellite Coupe • Glove box lock • Dome light • Transistorized voltage regulator • Hubcaps Deluxe wheel covers standard on Satellite Brougham and Sebring-Plus • selt-adjusting brakes • Clean air sys. fem • Coat hooks • Heater and defroster • Dual horns except Satellite • Padded instrument ochel • Inside, rearview, day night mirror except Satellite Coupe Padded sun visors • bias-oeiredtires 318 CID V-8 only on Satellite Brougham and Sebring-Plus bucket Seats on sebring
Road Runner Standard Features
(Satellite standard features plus the following) 383 cu 4-bbI. V-8 • Three-speed manual fully synchronized floor-mounred transmission • Heavy-duty suspension Deep pile carpet • Performance hood Low-restriction dual exhaust system "Beep-Beep" horn • Rallye instrumeni cluster with 50 moh speedometer • Road Runner trim and omamenrarion
GTX Standard Fearures
All of the above plus the following) 440 cu. in. Super Commando V-8• Torque-Fire automatic transmission • Bucker seats Exhausr trumpets with low-restriction dud exhaust system • Dual horns • GTX trim and orornamenration
Standard Safety Features
Large rear reflectors and lights• Fuel-tank impact protection • Lane-change turn signals • LOcking steering colum • Recessed rollover-resistant outside door han-oles • Energy-absorbing instrument panel, front seat-back and armrests • Seat belts, all seating positions • Shoulder belts, front Manual door locks--levers with non-override lock Feature, except driver's door • Keyless door lOcKing • Cushioned sun visors with dual supports • Dual braking system with warning lights • Side marker lights and reflectors • Hazard warning light system • back-up lights Windshield wipers, Z-speed electric head restraints, 2 front• Locking latch on all folding front seat-backs • Left outside rearview mirror • Inside rearview mirror (vinyl edged. shatter-resistant glass and deflectina double loint support Biasbelted tires with tire tread wear indicators • Dual action safety hood latches • Parking lights thar illuminate with headlights Electric windshield washers Energy. absorbing steering column • Satery door latches and hinges • Thick-laminate safety glass windshield Safety giove box door latch • Safety skid-type windshield header • Increased roll-over-protection root structure

Plymouth Satellite Sebring-Plus 1971
The most luxurious mid-size hardtop we make. And it's all-new for '71. The track is over two inches wider. The control is more certain. If you like, you could set off its low, sporty look with the new optional canopy vinyl roof, pictured at left. We're coming through with Sebring-Plus for the first time this year. You could own a classic.
Plymouth Satellite Sebring and Coupe 1971
If you're looking for a lavish measure of beauty, performance, and comfort, consider our 1971 Satellite Sebring and Satellite Coupe. As you can see, they come through with sporty good looks. Other virtues include a standard 318 cubic inch V-8 that runs on regular gas, and comfortable, roomy interiors.
Plymouth GTX and Road Runner 1971
Our luxury high-performance TX comes standard with a 440 4-barrel V-8. TorqueFlite automatic transmission. Buckets. And more. It's a great teaming of styling, performance and luxury. The Road Runner is our low-cost high-performer (Beep-Beep). Both cars come through with heavy-duty suspension and fat bias-belted tires.
Plymouth Satellite Brougham
Coming through with another never-before car from Plymouth. The "Brougham" designation means luxury. The kind you don't expect in a mid-size car. But, here it is. In a four-door sedan that's all-new everywhere you look. And where you don't. Never has this much luxury been so easy to own or look at.